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LF0660 High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product specification

Model G.WEIKE High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine LF0660
Working area 600*600mm
Dimensions 2112*2700*1630mm


Laser power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Max running speed 40m/min
Reposition accuracy ±0.008mm
Working voltage AC3800V±10%,50/60Hz
Max cutting thickness 5mm stainless steel; 12mm mild steel; 3m aluminum; 3mm copper
Max acceleration 0.5G
Max load-bearing of work table 500KG
Power consumption of whole machine ≤ 11KW
Supported file format BMP, HPGL, PLT, DST, DXP, and AI
Driving system servo  motors
Cooling type Water-cooling
Transmission mode  Grinding precision screw drive
Laser control software Cypcut
Compatible software CorelDraw  AutoCAD  Photoshop
weight 2500kgs

product features

1. High-precision laser cutting machine, mainly suitable for electronics, hardware, glasses and other industries:
2. The whole machine adopts high-end manufacturing technology to ensure that it will not be deformed after 20 years of use;
3. Auxiliary installation of precision collimator to improve machine accuracy;
4. Imported grinding screw drive system;
5. Japan Yaskawa servo motor has higher transmission speed and accuracy,
6. The closed protective cover design ensures the safety of personnel.

Product description

No manual operation, simple auto focus (make focusing easier)

Automatic adjustment
There is no need to manually adjust the focus, the software automatically adjusts the focus lens, controls the height of the upper and lower sides, so as to realize automatic perforation and cutting of plates of different thicknesses.
The software memorizes the focal length of different plates, the operation is simpler, and it is ten times the manual speed.

Large adjustment range
+10~--10, precision 0.01mm, suitable for 0~20mm different types of plates.
long life
The collimating lens and the focusing lens are double water-cooled to reduce the temperature of the cutting head and increase the life of the cutting head.

Application industry
Electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household electrical appliance manufacturing, cooking utensils, tools machinery , such as a variety of machinery manufacturing and processing industry.

Applicable materials

Sheet metal carbon, iron, stainless steel, Aluminum and coper, has best quality to cut 0.5-12 mmcarbon steel, 0.5-5 mm stainless steel and all kinds of other metal.

Industry Application

Used in machinery or microelectronics industry. The precision of the product is extremely high, and the LF0660 can process the material accurately. This is why these models are widely used in glasses, electronics and other industries.